We can build your business system to run on web technology with great functionality. Some examples of these might be transaction processing, intranets, extranets or enterprise dashboards. These systems can be built from the ground up and allow staff and customers access to information resources. www.shoeshellen.com


If your client to server system is not up-to-date with the latest technology, it can be rebuilt. We can design, deliver and maintain the best solution for your client to server system. Your transaction processing system can be made more secure and become an investment that can quickly repay you.


We can help you expand your business into the mobile market in several different ways. If you're looking for a lot of functionality, an app can be developed for smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. If you are looking for a quick solution, a mobile specific website, that is designed for these types of devices, might be the answer. You can get the best of both by creating a hybrid app and get it onto the app store or by creating a website that responds to the type of device that the user is on. More information can be found on the Mobile Development page.


If you need an application for a single user desktop or a multi-user system, TechnoPoint can help. They can also be created to run on Windows server and can perform a variety of different tasks with loads of functionality. A few examples of functionality might be transaction processing, email integration, document scanning or importing and exporting of data.


TechnoPoint can create web services to build a network-based API on a new or existing application. This can be done through server to client or server to server using .Net and PHP protocols. Web services can be built to connect to CRM systems or linked to an app, site or system.


Your CRM can be modified to better suit your business in an endless amount of ways. A few examples of these are workflow implementation, data field customisation, plug-in and app development. We can do all of this and display it on-screen for you and your employees


Do you transfer customers, invoices and payments into your accounts system each month? We can automate these tasks to make them easy, quick and error free. This can be done in real time or set up to run in periodic batches. There are also many ways in which you can make this type of data more useful to your company.


If you are accumulating a lot of data, over time it can start to become unmanageable and hard to search through. We can build a standalone database that you can query directly or through Excel to display graphs and tables. There are many ways in which databases can be used to collect, process and configure data so it is worth thinking about how you can make the most out of it.


Simply give our experienced team a call today on 0333 0116 555 or send an email to info@technopoint.co.uk.