TechnoPoint can develop mobile apps for smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. A mobile app gives you the opportunity to communicate with customers directly from their devices. This can be done though push notifications about your latest news and they wouldn't even have to start your app. After creating your app, we can help you get it onto the App Store or Google Play and allow you to monitor its use through mobile analytics. replica handbags


We can build you a mobile specific website with a high level of functionality that is designed for these types of devices, using HTML 5 and JavaScript. If you need an inexpensive and simple way to get your services in front of customers on mobile devices, without the hassle of developing an app, then a mobile site might be the way forward. This type of site is easy to distribute as it just needs to be put live on the web and it is instantly accessible on any device with no need to put it onto an app store.


If your budget is limited and you don't need anything too complex, then a hybrid app might be right for you. Your site can be created to be easily run on multiple browsers by using simpler HTML 5 and JavaScript coding. This allows us to create you a mobile app that, once opened, displays your site in a browser window. Just like other apps, it can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play but may be more limited. These types of apps are great if you want to get an app into the store with a small initial investment, possibly to just test the marketplace.


We can make your site look good on any device, whether it's on a computer, mobile or tablet. This is recommended for any website as there is a huge and growing number of mobile internet users. If your site hasn't been optimised for these devices, it can be hard or just tedious to navigate. Sites that were initially made without mobile devices in mind can easily be upgraded with only a few modifications. Whether you need a mobile site created from scratch or just an upgrade to an existing site, we can help you.


Simply give our experienced team a call today on 0333 0116 555 or send an email to info@technopoint.co.uk.