The content management system allows you to update your own website with new content and pages with ease. Plug-ins allow you to add extra features such as galleries, product catalogues, event bookings, customer registration and document management. CMS's can be modified to meet any specific requirement and we can create complete sites with bespoke capabilities and integrate them with your back-office systems. If you need to keep cost and development time down, you can purchase a temple from most CMS platforms. We can also create bespoke visual designs that match your exact requirements.


We can make your site look good on any device, whether it's on a computer, mobile or tablet. This is recommended for any website as there is a huge and growing number of mobile internet users. If your site hasn't been optimised for these devices, it can be hard or just tedious to navigate. Sites that were initially made without mobile devices in mind can easily be upgraded with only a few modifications. Whether you need a mobile site created from scratch or just an upgrade to an existing site, we can help you.


This programming language allows web pages to be transformed from looking static and into a more dynamic and eye-catching experience. It can be used to create animations that display content in any way that you want and allows users to view continuously updating figures without having to keep refreshing the page.


The latest version of the web-standard Hypertext Markup Language is HTML5 and is used by browsers to display web pages. HTML5 has many new features and was built to keep up with the latest technology such as smartphones and tablets. Some of these features include scalable vector graphics, local data storage, two way communication, audio, video and animation.


TechnoPoint can create anything you need from scratch and to your exact requirements, on time and on budget. Even technical designs can be created from your specification or left to us. We are even happy to work throughout the night if you require it within a tight deadline.


After building your site, we can help by continuously updating it for you, even if TechnoPoint didn't create it. We can just make small tweaks, add new features or perform a huge overhaul. Keeping your site updated with new content allows it to stay fresh and exciting for customers.


If you wish to create an online store from scratch or need your current site updated to allow for eCommerce, we can help. Our eCommerce sites are efficient and have included product catalogue integrations with internal systems. Posting of orders and invoices can be made automatically to accounting systems. We can also set your store up for a variety of different payment options including PayPal, WorldPay, Sage Pay, DataCash and Authorise.Net.


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